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Welcome to the Boots Industries Wiki Project!

Our online Wiki is meant to be a place where the community members can obtain quick and accurate information on a variety of topics related to 3D printing and the products we offer. We encourages anyone to contribute to the Wiki and share their findings with the community.

Boots Industries is all about making great 3D printers affordable for everyone and making sure that the knowledge we acquire is available for the community. is a community project which means you are able to edit most pages on the Wiki and even create your own!

Contact us if you wish to be added to the Wiki editor list.

Boots Industries first introduced it's BI V2.0 3D printer on Kickstarter and has been working to create an active 3D printing community based around delta printers.

BI V2.5 3D Printer

Please look at our engineering bulletins for common problems that you may encounter.

Also read this section Inspection of components to avoid issues down the road.

Before getting started (being written)

Getting started with the BI V2.5

Belt conversion instruction

HowTo Collection

Sl1c3r Profiles

CuraEngine Profiles